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Document pursuant to Art. 13 and 14 of the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and consent.

Pursuant to art. 13 and 14 of the European regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereafter GDPR), and related to the personal data you provided our company with, we hereby communicate the following:

Data controller and personal data protection officier

The data controller is the Società Agricola il Borghetto di Razzaboni – Società Semplice, with legal address in Via della Saliceta, 15 – 41036 Medolla (MO), VAT number 03589670367 in the person of its managing director Vittorio Razzaboni (hereafter “Controller”).
The Controller can be contacted at the following email address:
The list of the data officier, if designated, is made available at the Controller main seat.
The list of any Controller’s delegated/auhorized officiers is made available at the Controller main seat.
The Controller did not designate a data protection officier (DPO), responsible of the personal data protection.

Purpose and legal basis of the data processing

The processing of your personal data (name, surname, VAT, seat, location, phone number, email address, banking details) will happen:

A) without your explicit consent (art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b) for the following purposes:

sales and/or supply contracts;

  • fulfillment of pre-contractual obligations, as well as any contractual amend fiscal obligations pursuant to the relationship in force;
  • fulfillment of any obligations pursuant to laws, regulations, European community regulations or directive from the Authorities (such as related to anti-money laundering matters)
  • the exercising of any Controller’s rights (as an example: excercising the right to defense)

B) only with your prior specific and expressed consent (i.e. by signing this document or the on-line form ex art.7 GDPR) for the following purposes:

  • marketing and/or promotional campaigns, being performed via email, texts, apps, social media, traditional post and/or phone contact, newsletter, commercial communications and/or advertising materials on products and/or events being offered and organized by the Controller 

Data processing mode

The personal data can be processed (which means collected / filed /organized/ structured / stored/ consulted / extracted / elaborated / modified / selected/ used / transmitted / compared / connected / deleted / destroyed) in hard or soft files (portable devices included) and they will be processed with automated decision processes, including the profiling in order to comply with the above specified purposes.

Consequences in case of personal data are not communicated

With regard to the personal data related to the contract execution you are part of, or relevant and corresponding fulfillment of a regulatory obligation (as an example any obligations related to the fiscal and book-keeping filing and records), failing the communication of the personal data, the contract itself shall not enter information force.

Personal data storage

Your personal data, being processed as per above purposes, will be kept and stored for the duration of the contract, and following the contract term, the data will be kept as long as the Controller is obliged to keep the data due to the fiscal or other purposes and on ligations he has to comply with by law or by regulation. With particular reference to the marketing/advertising purposes, the conservation period of the personal data being collected will be 10 years.

Data communication

Your personal data to the purpose of executing the contract and to the purposes mentioned above, can be communicated to:
consultants or other professionals (book-keepers, lawyers) performing a functional service (by contract of due to fiscal obligations) to the purposes mentioned above;

  1. individuals or legal entities (legal advisors, administration advisors, fiscal consultas, revision companies, forwarders, data processing centers, etc) , in case the communication is necessary to the above mentioned purposes;
  2. banking institutions to handle the income and payments;
  3. factoring companies or debt collection companies;
  4. our employees that have been specifically authorized to the purpose of their own specific tasks;
  5. legal and administrative authorities, to fulfill any law obligations.

The collected data won’t be transferred to any third country outside the EU.

Rights of the individual that communicates the personal data

Among the rights you have pursuant to the GDPR, you do have the right to:

Ask the Controller the confirmation that he is in possession or not of your own personal data, although they are not yet filed, and to communicate in intelligible form; also you can obtain from the Controller the information about:

  • the origin of the personal data;
  • the mode and purposes of the processing;
  • the logic being applied in case of processing through electronic media;
  • the personal details to identify the Controller and the Officier;
  • the inbriduals and inbridual cathegories the personal data might be communicated or that can become aware of the data due to their role of officier or person in charge;
  • asking access to your own personal data and any other information related to them; the update and modification of the incorrect data or the completion of the incomplete data; the deleting of your own personal data (in case of happening one of the conditions included in the article 17, paragraph 1 of the GDPR and pursuant to any exceptions indicated in the paragraph 3 of the same article); the limitation of your own personal data processing ( if one of the conditions indicated in article 18, paragraph 1 of the GDPR happens);
  • obtaining the transformation to an anonym form or the locking of the processed data, in case of breach, including the data for which the storage in not necessary in the light of the purposes those data have been collected for and further on processed;
  • requesting and obtaining from the Controller
  • in case the legal basis of the processing is the contract or the consent, and provided that this is executed through automated media – your personal data in a structured format readable from an automated device, also to the purpose of communicating those personal data to another data processing Controller (i.e right to the data portability);
  • opposing at any time to the processing of your personal data based on the mode and limitations pursuant to article 21 of the GDPR;
  • revoking the consent at any time, limited to the case that the processing is based on your consent to one or more specific purposes and in case they relate to common personal data (for example place and date of birth or place of stay), or particularly data cathegories (for example data revealing your racial origin, your political opinion, your religion, your health status, or sexual habits). The processing based on consent executed before the revocation, does mantain its lawfulness.


These rights are executable by giving notice to the Controller via email to the following email address: 

Or via registered mail with return receipt to be sent to Società Agricola Il Borghetto di Razzaboni – Società Semplice, in the person of its legal representative Vittorio Razzaboni, Via della Saliceta 15 – Strada Provinciale 5 / 41036 Medolla (MO).

In case you deem that your rights have been breached by the Controller and/or by a third party, you do have the right to claim to the Authorities ( Supervisory Authority for the data protection –

Cookie Policy

What is a cookie and what is it for

The cookies are small text files that the websites, being visited by the user, send to the user’s terminal (usually to the browser), where they are then stored and re-transmitted to the same websites when the same user visits the same website again. While visiting a website, the user can receive on his terminal, cookies that are sent by another websites or different web servers (i.e. “third parties”), on which there could be some elements (such as an example images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains) being present on the web site that the user is visiting.

Type of cookies

The cookies can restrict to a single session or they can be persistent. The session cookies are deleted automatically by the computer when the browser is closed. The persistent cookies are stored on the computer until they are deleted, or until the pre-established expiration date.
The technical cookies are the ones being used only to the purpose of “executing the transmission of a communication on a electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary, to the service provider of the information company being expressly requested by the subscriber or by the user to perform such service” (see article 122, paragraph 1, of the Privacy Law). These cookies are not used for any other purpose other that the ones mentioned above and they are usually installed directly by the web site owner or the web site operator.

They may be divided in:

  • navigation or session cookies, which ensure the normal navigation and use of the web site (they allow, as an example, to make a purchase or to autentica to access reserved areas);
  • analytics cookies, similar to the technical cookies when used directly by the website operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the quantity of users and how the visit the website itself;
  • functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate depending on a series of selected criteria (for example language, selected products to purchase), in order to mai prove the service to the user himself.

To install those cookies the prior users’ content is not requested.
The profiling cookies are to create profiles related to the users and de they are used in order to send advertisement messages which are in line with the preferences shown by the user during the navigation on the web. By reason of the extensive invasiveness that these devices can have in terms of the user private environment, the European and Italian regulations state that the users are to be properly informed on the use of these cookies , so that they can express therefore their valid consent. The article 122 of the Privacy Law does refer to these cookies, as it is therein stated that “the filing of the information in the terminal device of a contractor or a user, or the access to information being previously stored are permitted only upon condition that the contract or the user gave their consent after that they have been informed as per simplified modes, pursuant to article 13 of the Privacy Law, paragraph 3”.

First-party or third party cookies

The first-party cookies are the once belonging to the website that created them. The third party cookies are the one being created by external domains, and whose data are stored at the third party location, that has an own privacy policy document, which is to be informed to the user as to the use of the cookies, to the purpose of obtaining the prior consent, as it is the processing owner. In case a website consents the transmission of the “third-party cookies”, the circular and the consent acquisition are normally at the charge of the third party. It is necessary the user is properly informed, although based on the semplified procedures provided by law, when the user gets access to the website that allows the storing of their party cookies, i.e. when he accesses the contests provided by third parties, and under all circumstances before the cookies are downloaded on his terminal”.

Type of cookie being used

This website does use technical cookies, in order to facilitate the functioning of the site itself and in order to improve the user navigation.

This website uses third party cookies (Google Analytics) for statistic purposes, aiming at improving the website contents. Google Analytics is web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”) that allows the monitoring of the user quantity, the pages being visited or the time spent on a specific webpage, and it aims at identifying which are the most visualized pages by the site visitors, for how long they stay in the site or from which geography they are.

This information is processed for statistic purposes only, and thet are processed in anonym manner.

The information identified by Google Analytics, including the visitor IOP address, are transmitted to the Google Inc. server, in anonym form. These cookies cannot be used for profiling or to identify users, although they are used only to statistic purposes in aggregate form.

To consult the privacy document of the company Google, to get information and to disable Google Analytics:

The website may contain links to other web sites that do have an own privacy policy. To get more detailed information see the specific Privacy and Cookie Policy of social network and services:

How to disable the cookies

The majority of the browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) are set normally to accept the cookies automotically.
However the majority of them allow the option to control and also disable the cookies through the browser settings. To modifyy the settings please refer to the user manual of your browser.  We’d like to remind that however disabling this functionality may cause some inefficiencies in the use of the website itself and/or may limit the offered service.

Please find further information on how to modify the cookie settings for the most popular browsers at the following links:
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