We’re young and we look ahead, Ventiventi believes in a sustainable and environment-friendly agriculture. We’re convinced that sustainability is the only possible way and this is why organic production is a fundamental point, since the first vineyard has been bedded out in 2016. The company, thanks to the photovoltaic system, currently produces 18kw, that will be 40 by the end of 2020, and will try to become as much as possible self-sufficient from an energetic point of view as well as for all equipments being used, both in the countryside and in the cellar (atomizer with product recovery). All equipments are thought to support Ventiventi “green soul”.


The company has been designed and realized following a modern concept, with the only objective to obtain a quality product through the greatest respect for plants and territory, with a careful look at order and precision. We don’t rely on chemistry, but on nature balance and we can considerably reduce copper & sulfur usage thanks to technology. We manage the grape harvest with a latest generation machine that allows us to bring the grapes to the cellar in the best possible conditions. We think that innovation means especially rationality and common sense, without ever losing sight of tradition respect.